August 31, 2018

We received toxin analysis from the State DEC on a sample that was collected on August 19th showing a level of 20ug/L of the toxin microcystin, which just meets the DEC Confirmed with High Toxins Bloom threshold of 20ug/L for a shoreline sample. The size of the bloom was small and localized.  This result increases the need to use visual indicators to avoid the bloom areas.

Watershed staff went out today (Friday) with FLCC instructor Patty Thompson to do our monthly lake sampling program. We started at the south end launch and sampled 14 different near shoreline locations and two mid lake areas for a variety of chemical and physical parameters. Clarity in the mid lake area near Bristol Harbour was 8 meters- which is great for this time of year. However, with the calm winds we did see some light streaking of algae in the water column and dots in the water. We collected a sample in the area where the algae was streaking and had it screened at FLI. The results showed elevated concentrations...

The hot and sunny weather over the last few days have increased the potential for BGA blooms, however the vast majority of the lake is free of any significant concentrations of blue green algae.  

In an abundance of caution, the State Department of Health closed Deep Run and Onanda Beaches on August 24th.  The County and Town are eagerly awaiting test results to hopefully show they can re-open those beaches.  Local inspections of those beaches have shown clear conditions over the weekend and Monday- however it is only the state Department of Health that can re-open the beach.  Kershaw Beach is still open.  

The combination of our volunteer monitors, watershed staff and interested residents are indicating that the vast majority of the shoreline areas are free of any Blue Green Algae concentrations along both sides of the lake. We did see one very isolated spot about 4 feet wide along the northern
shoreline, but the rest of the north end was free of any visible...

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More Information on Blue Green Algae

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