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Water Quality Update for August 26, 2021

Good Afternoon,

We wanted to share a quick update on current lake conditions.

With the hot weather and calm winds, conditions are ripe for concentrations of cyanobacteria (blue green algae) to possibly reach bloom levels. We have received reports from the east side of the lake this afternoon showing areas of surface algae streaking. We also learned that the Deep Run public beach in the Town of Gorham was closed today to due algae. If you notice discolored water, streaking, or surface scums - please avoid these areas. Multiple inspections on the west side of the lake by watershed staff are showing clear conditions right now. Conditions can change quickly so please use your visual indicators before going in the water.

We are also getting reports from the public showing large green patches of suspected algae in the middle of the lake and along the shoreline area (see images below). These large patches are actually duckweed and watermeal, which are tiny aquatic plants that may form floating green “mats”. The 4 inches of rain that hit Naples and the West River last week caused these streams to push tremendous amounts of duckweed and watermeal out of the High Tor wetland system and into the lake. We have been getting many reports of these floating patches of duckweed over the last few days.

We will share a full update tomorrow with results from this week’s water samples collected by watershed staff and volunteers.

Thanks Everyone!

Kevin Olvany

Watershed Program Manager, Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council

Lindsay McMillan

Association Director, Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association


More Information on Blue Green Algae

Click below for our Harmful Algae Bloom brochure.

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