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Empowering citizens to be stewards of the watershed is essential, as approximately 90% of the watershed is privately owned. Education prevents seemingly insignificant actions of an individual from accumulating across the watershed into a larger problem. Also, citizen involvement and investment in the watershed bolsters support for management activities. Click on the + sign to expand box and learn about each education project in detail.

The K-12 Watershed Education Program

The Watershed Education Program’s environmental educators have worked closely with K-12 teachers to develop a variety of hands-on, activity based workshops focused on watershed topics that meet NYS Science Standards and local school district teaching objectives. Learn More

Storm Drain Marking Program

The Watershed Council and CLWA partner together to work with local schools and youth service groups to place markers on storms drains within the Canandaigua Lake Watershed boundaries.  This project is critical to educating the public about the direct connection between stormwater runoff and lake water quality. Learn More

Watershed Boundary Signs

Watershed Council created and installed new Watershed boundary signs on local/county and state roads.

Community Outreach

Getting information out to the general public and raising awareness about water quality issues and solutions is vital to protecting the Canandaigua Lake watershed.  Issues include water-friendly lawn and landscaping practices, storm water management practices and invasive species awareness. 

Educational Kiosks

Watershed Council developed and installed four educational kiosks around the lake that review the importance of Watershed Management, stormwater impacts and threats and what individuals can do.

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