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Canandaigua Lake Watershed Facts:

Lake Length: 15. 5 miles

Average Width: 1.1 miles

Maximum Depth: 276 feet

Mean Lake Surface Elevation:  688 feet

Volume: 433 billion gallons

Hydraulic Retention Time: 13.4 years

DEC Water Quality Classification: AA, TS

Water Level Control: Canandaigua Outlet and Feeder Canal- 35 cfs/day

Shoreline Length: 36 miles (97% privately owned)

Subwatersheds: 34

Estimated Total Length of Tributaries: 350 miles

Watershed Land Cover: Forested (42%), Agriculture (30%), Residential/Commercial (10%), Wetlands (5%)

Highest Point in Watershed: Gannett Hill (2,256 feet above mean sea level)

Major Municipalities within Watershed: 12

Water Purveyors within Watershed: 5 public- (City of Canandaigua, Palmyra, Newark, Gorham, Rushville)and 1 private(Bristol Harbor)

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