Canandaigua Lake 9 Element Plan Addendum

Amending the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Plan to Meet New Challenges and Requirements

Our watershed management plan has played an important role in guiding management efforts by

documenting lake and watershed conditions, identifying on-going and new risks to the lake, and

prioritizing actions. State agencies have often used the success of our watershed plan (most recent

update in 2014) and ongoing watershed programs as a model across New York State. 

In the last few years, the US EPA and the NYS DEC have put a new emphasis on plans that meet a

threshold called a 9 Element Watershed Management Plan.  In fact, grant applications are starting

to get higher priority if the watershed has a 9-element plan completed.  

Over the last couple decades, we have been very successful in obtaining state grants to implement

many high priority projects identified in the Watershed Plan.  To stay grant competitive and to address

new concerns to the lake, the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council, along with its partners, are in the

process of completing the necessary steps to update our plan to meet the criteria of a 9E Plan. 

The NYS DEC had reviewed our plan and highlighted that we meet many of the 9 Element components

listed below.  The area that we need to showcase more clearly in our plan is to utilize a computer model

to calculate existing pollutant loads into the lake and evaluate the effectiveness of practices identified in

the existing watershed plan.  Our lake and stream sampling program are being used to calibrate the model to reality. 

What are the 9 Elements?

A) Identify and quantify sources of pollution in watershed

B) Identify water quality target or goal and pollutant reductions needed to achieve goal

C) Identify the best management practices (BMPs) that will help to achieve reductions needed to meet water quality goal/target

D) Describe the financial and technical assistance needed to implement BMPs identified in Element C

E) Describe the outreach to stakeholders and how their input was incorporated and the role of stakeholders to implement the plan

F) Estimate a schedule to implement BMPs identified in plan

G) Describe the milestones and estimated time frames for the implementation of BMPs implemented

H) Identify the criteria that will be used to assess water quality improvement as the plan is

I) Describe the monitoring plan that will collect water quality data need to measure water quality improvement (criteria identified in         

   Element H) 

For more information on 9 Element Plans:

The Canandaigua Lake 9E Addendum Status

The first step to the 9E Addendum is to complete the non-point source pollution watershed model to estimate nutrient and sediment loading to the lake.  Our watershed area is large and the factors affecting loads are very complex.  Therefore, the watershed model provides a very rough estimate of loading.  The power of the model is really in assessing relative load reductions from different management practices in the watershed.  We have partnered with Dr. Todd Walter, Dr. Scott Steinschneider, and their PhD student Mahnaz Sepehrmanesh to complete the watershed model.  We are in the final stages of having a draft of these results complete.  Once the model is complete for current conditions, we will hold a meeting to review the results and get feedback on best management practice scenarios for the next phase of modeling.

Stay Up to Date and Send Us Your Comments

The pandemic has upended all aspects of life.  Likewise, it makes it difficult for us to hold in-person meetings throughout the 9E Planning Process.  Therefore, we have set up an online comment submission section (below).  Your comments, suggestions, feedback, etc. on the 9E Addendum will be critical.  We will be collecting your feedback throughout the process and would be happy to follow up with any questions and concerns you may have.

This webpage is also the place to stay up to date on the planning process, see draft documents as they are completed, and get information on upcoming meetings.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to your comments!

9E Plan Comments/Suggestions
What are the three biggest priorities for protecting Canandaigua Lake?

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The Canandaigua Lake Nine Element Plan Addendum is being prepared with funding provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.