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Blue Green Algae Update

With this warm and sunny weather, we are continuing to see an increase in blue green algae in sections of the lake. However, our lake is not alone. This warm weather has also trigger blue green algae in many of the other Finger Lakes.

Based on the wind patterns, we observed higher concentrations of blue green algae along parts of the eastern shoreline this afternoon. We collected three samples and are having them analyzed at SUNY-ESF. At the same time, other sections of the lake were clear. We will continue to monitor the lake and will provide the results from SUNY-ESF as they become available.

Conditions on the lake can change quickly. Blue green algae concentrations may increase throughout the day with warmer temperatures and sunlight. They also shift with the wind. We cannot say at any given moment where algae will concentrate or where it will be clear . Before going into the lake, be sure to look for signs of blue green algae. If you see it, avoid it.

More Information on Blue Green Algae

Click below for our Harmful Algae Bloom brochure.

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