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Blue Green Algae Update

With today's high temperatures, we are seeing a heavier accumulation of algae throughout the watershed. Thank you to all that are sending in images, as it helps us assess the current conditions around the lake.

Image from 11:00 am, taken off County Road 11 (half a mile south of LeTourneau Christian Camp) Water samples are being collected today for another round of analysis at SUNY ESF. Results will be posted as soon as they are made available.

We urge you to use extreme caution when recreating in the lake. Please avoid all areas that show signs of streaking or have a spilled paint or pea soup appearance. Use these visual indicators before entering the water or letting your pets swim. If you see anything suspicious, avoid it! Please continue to email us photos for our image library, noting the location that you took the photo (closest address or GPS coordinates are great). Photos can be emailed to the below addresses, or to CLWA: Kevin Olvany Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council Program Manager (585) 396-3630

Kim McGarry Watershed Technician (585) 396-3630

More Information on Blue Green Algae

Click below for our Harmful Algae Bloom brochure.

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