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Blue Green Algae Update

Today, we observed and had reports of blue green algae along multiple sections of the west side of the lake. This is the first time we observed surface streaking and concentrations along multiple areas of the western shoreline. We also observed some surface streaking along the eastern shoreline in cove areas. The very calm and very sunny conditions today brought the algae to the surface and has allowed it to concentrate in these shoreline areas. In other areas, dots were visible in the water column but were not surface streaking or concentrations.

Please continue to use visual indicators for blue green algae before going into the water. Blue green algae can concentrate in open water and shoreline areas, and conditions can change quickly on the lake. If you see anything suspicious, avoid it!

It is extremely helpful for any resident who sees blue green algae to take a photo and email it to us at or . We would like to thank all of you who continue to help us assess the conditions on the lake.

More Information on Blue Green Algae

Click below for our Harmful Algae Bloom brochure.

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