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Blue Green Algae Update

The hot and sunny weather over the last few days have increased the potential for BGA blooms, however the vast majority of the lake is free of any significant concentrations of blue green algae. In an abundance of caution, the State Department of Health closed Deep Run and Onanda Beaches on August 24th. The County and Town are eagerly awaiting test results to hopefully show they can re-open those beaches. Local inspections of those beaches have shown clear conditions over the weekend and Monday- however it is only the state Department of Health that can re-open the beach. Kershaw Beach is still open. The combination of our volunteer monitors, watershed staff and interested residents are indicating that the vast majority of the shoreline areas are free of any Blue Green Algae concentrations along both sides of the lake. We did see one very isolated spot about 4 feet wide along the northern shoreline, but the rest of the north end was free of any visible algae. We spent a couple hours on the lake yesterday and the very calm conditions did increase the "dots in the water" throughout the northern half of the lake with some reduction in clarity, but test results indicated that levels were well below bloom concentrations. The very windy conditions today mixed the algae further into the water column further reducing any concentrations at the surface or near the shoreline. Tomorrow is supposed to be very hot, but also very windy which should create similar conditions to today. Overall, the vast majority of the lake is seeing concentrations of Blue Green Algae that are well below bloom concentrations. However, it is the isolated bloom where people are utilizing the lake that will create the potential for concern. As we have learned over the last three years- conditions can change rapidly on the lake. If conditions are just right after tomorrow (calm, sunny weather) there may be potential for algal concentrations to accumulate along shorelines and in coves. As always, we ask that you use your visual indicators to look for signs of blue green algae before recreating in the lake. If you see it, avoid it. We will continue to work with our growing network of volunteers, and the general public to monitor the shoreline and open water areas and will report any substantial changes. To report suspicious blooms, please send photos along with location and description of the conditions you are seeing to: This email "hotline" is monitored by multiple people and organizations 24/7. The Watershed Association and Watershed Council are actively partnering to assess lake conditions and bring you the most current information available. For more information on blue green algae, please see our brochure ( ), the New York State Department of Health website ( and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website ( ). Feel free to contact us: Kevin Olvany Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council Program Manager (585) 747-8719 Lindsay McMillan Association Director, CLWA (585) 394-5030

More Information on Blue Green Algae

Click below for our Harmful Algae Bloom brochure.

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