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Flooding Issues

Recent Flooding in the Canandaigua Lake Watershed

In recent years, the Canandaigua Lake Watershed has experienced flooding associated with high intensity storm events.  These floods caused damage to roads and private property.  The Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council is working with local municipal agencies to build more flood resiliency in our infrastructure by replacing culverts and stabilizing road banks.  The Council is also implementing projects throughout the watershed to help prevent future flooding, such as building rain gardens, restoring wetlands, and protecting open space.

Be Flood Smart
  • Understand the risks of flooding, even if you are outside a FEMA flood zone and are not required to purchase flood insurance.
  • Learn how to protect your property from flood damage. Simple actions such as elevating your furnace above flood levels can significantly reduce damages.

  • Purchase flood insurance if your property is at risk for flooding. Renters should also purchase property to protect their contents.  Insurance will save you money after a flood.

  • Stay safe.  Don’t drive down flooded roads.  Turn around, don’t drown.

  • Before you build, determine if you are in a flood zone and obtain the necessary permits.

  • Be part of the solution.  Natural floodplains absorb flood waters, reducing flooding downstream.  Help protect natural floodplain functions.


For more information on the flooding risks and the National Flood Insurance Program, visit .

For more information on flood zone mapping and disaster assistance, visit .

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