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Water Quality Update for August 23, 2019

We just received word that the state DOH will allow the City to reopen Kershaw Beach based on the test results from samples collected on Thursday. However, Deep Run Beach, Onanda Beach and Butler (Schoolhouse) Beach will remain closed due to test results from samples collected Thursday indicating that the microcystin toxin levels exceed the state threshold for re-opening the beach.

The DOH also completed testing of the 6 water providers- Newark, Palmyra, Canandaigua, Gorham, Rushville and Bristol Harbor. The test results for each of the purveyors treated (finished) water came back as non-detectable for the microcystin toxin. The DOH will continue to work with the water providers on testing and optimizing treatment approaches.

Based on the beach testing results we strongly suggest that you continue to use caution before entering the water and that you use visual indicators to look for any signs of algae. Watershed staff and trained volunteers have been out surveying stretches of the lake today and we had a couple isolated reports of algae streaking near the shoreline on both the east and west side of the lake. Water clarity was down to about 3 meters in the northern basin yesterday.

It is very important to remember to use your visual indicators while using the lake (check out the DEC photo gallery for examples). Please stay out of the water in areas where there are any concentrations of algae. It is impossible to tell whether or not a bloom is toxic by looking at it, so please avoid these areas. Protect your furry friends! Please remember that pets are especially vulnerable to harmful algae blooms since they drink a lot of water when in the lake and can ingest large quantities of algae when grooming themselves. Please check out the “Dogs and Harmful Algae Blooms” brochure linked below for more information.

Questions? Send to

Kevin Olvany Watershed Council Program Manager

Lindsay McMillian CLWA Association Director

More Information on Blue Green Algae

Click below for our Harmful Algae Bloom brochure.

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